Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New Website, More Shows, Spain

Boy does it feel good to have a new website. Ahhh... Refreshing, isn't it? I'd like to thank Jimmy Dietzen for doing the design work on it. We've been bouncing ideas back and forth now on this for about five months, so it's good to see the work paying off. I'd like to thank Martini and her mom and sis for coming out to the show @ Green Leaf last week. I had a ton of fun! Acoustic shows, though they are coming rarer and rarer for me, are a ton of fun. Who knows, maybe I'll be solo forever...

So here's the deal: I have about four weeks to cram in as many shows as I possibly can before I hit the "international circuit" in Spain. Kidding - partially. I'll be in Spain for three weeks, though, and I'll keep you all posted about that. I play this weekend at Printers Row Book Fair, then at College Church's "Summerfest" on Monday, June 12, 13, and 14, then at the Borders in Orland Park on June 16th. I'm still working on a show for the week following that, but overall, I think I'll be pretty busy.

Don't forget, right when I get back into town I have the Fat Bean / Screaming Beaver Battle of the bands... Anyway. Lot's going on. Enjoy the new website!