Friday, October 26, 2007

Performing in Lake Geneva, WI This Past Week

I can't really express in words the way that this past weekend in Lake Geneva has affected me. Where to start? If I were simply to sum it up, it wouldn't be enough. But here's where I can start:

I learned a little something about my humanity. Life is fickle, and emotions are deceptive. I also learned a bit about serving selflessly - because way too many people - people like ourselves - live on the "margins" - lonely, longing, searching with the last of their strength for something beautiful to live for.

Okay, enough of that. But it's true. We've got to be loved. We've got to live for that love. And it's a love deeper than anyone has fully known. Seek it out. Hold it near. And comprehend what you can of it.

I'd like to give a brief thanks to Russ and Ben for teaching me a few of these things this week.

Thank you all for making this a beautiful, joyful weekend, allowing me to do what I love - to play music!

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