Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pay Without Work: The Status Quo Reality

Here's something I've been thinking alot about lately:

Americans are lazy. Yeah, I said it. Every single one of us. Well, let's take a minute to define what I'm talking about here. I guess I'm really defining "lazy" as: living unproductively and trying to do just enough to get what we want - but not any more.

I've discovered that there's a crisis in the American workforce today. People are apathetic with the companies they work for, they don't "believe" in what the company does, their bosses (typically) suck, and they are satisfied with a performance level that meets the status quo.

The question is: "Why?"

I think it comes down to a few things:

1. Companies are big. Even companies in America classified as a "small business" can be quite large in personnel. When you don't feel connected to the "top dog", you don't get a full sense of the vision he has for the whole company.

2. We are all working for the almighty dollar. Most of us live paycheck to paycheck. And if we don't, we're living to save money so we can spend it on something we want later. I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with that, but the problem comes in when we equate "getting what we save for" with "true happiness". It ain't gonna happen, and we'll always be disappointed.

3. We lack purpose in life. Obviously, living for the "buck" doesn't "produce" like we seem to expect. We also know that people disappoint and let us down. Joy is fleeting for many people.
Concluding thoughts.

A song I heard once goes: "There is joy but it can only be hung from HIS hand." I think there is lasting joy in life... somewhere... There has to be. We wouldn't have minds like we do if there wasn't - able to comprehend abstract concepts and contemplate death and soul and spirit. *That* would be meaningless. I hope that this sort of lasting joy can one day fully influence my attitude as I work part-time jobs to pay bills and continue to follow my passions and dreams in music.

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