Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Smacked into Humility

Every once in a while, in life, I feel like I get metaphorically smacked up-side the head by the Almighty. If I have bad motivations, if I'm not focused on the essentials in life, or, in the most recent experience, I'm taking too much pride in myself and my own abilities.

After a nearly flawless performance yesterday morning for Bryan Middle School, in Elmhurst, IL, I botched the same set that evening, in the concert for the students' parents. And what was the one song that gave me trouble? you might ask. It was a choral-guitar arrangement of the song "Blackbird," by the Beatles.

I was feeling pretty good about myself after the morning's concert, but a recreation of the morning's perfection was never meant to be. I am confident that the evening's troubles have ultimately been for my good, to help me humbly reflect on the giver of my talents and abilities (I don't think they arose from within my own realized self, etc.), and to rely on the one who has graciously granted me the joy and privilege of performing music for a living.

I would like to thank Jessica for the opportunity to perform with her students and for her school, Shaun (for his mad "low-guitar" skillz), and Bob Rummage on drums. BTW, Bob is probably currently one of Chicago's best jazz drummers! Read a little about him here: .

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