Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America Longs For Change

I'm a very opinionated fellow, but I try not to get political. And trust me, I'm not getting political now... The antagonist inside has awoken, and it has asked me to ask you a simple question:

Are the events of today, Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, truly historically significant?

I propose that they are not; and that a new president will not change the world in the ways which we all long for.

Now let me explain... It's quite simple, really. Since the genesis of humanity, the world has misappropriated and misplaced its hope. Cain hoped in his own strength, mountaineer and writer John Muir hoped in the goodness of nature, and many throughout history have hoped in the goodness of humanity itself.

Today, many in America hope in Barack Obama. They hope that through his leadership, we can make a better world. And to a very small extent, I believe he can, too. But though he may initiate it, many more will have to join his ranks to see the job through.

Ultimately, our deepest longings will never be met by the work of our government. These things we hope for (peace, health, happiness, prosperity), are only echos of a deeper longing for eternal belonging. We know that something about this world just isn't right. We know that we crave something bigger than ourselves. We stuff things like poverty and equality in to the holes of our souls, hoping that by thrusting ourselves upon the cause with all our hearts we might fill the vacancy.

Some call this vacancy within our souls a "God-shaped vacuum" - a hole that can only be filled by Him. All of our longings can only be satisfied with the peace that He brings. This satisfaction, this change, this is what we long for; and it can not be satisfied by any president.

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