Friday, April 10, 2009

Baseball Season Already

Yes, it is true. I am a baseball fan. And to anyone who has a problem with it, or says that it's boring, I have one response for you: well before the first American football player was in diapers, pitchers were pushing off the ole rubber to guys with wooden bats. Don't you ever forget the sport of America's past-time.

And so begins another season of Cubs baseball. We've started out pretty well here, winning the first two of three, and losing that middle game in an extra innings outing against the Astros. That's okay. It's early, and the bullpen didn't perform. They'll only get better.

It's already 10 AM here, and I've wasted enough time online... It's time to get back to work on my recordings... And, of course, I can't forget to bug my brother about getting his account info for Gameday Audio...

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