Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nashville Day 2 & Klondike Bars

Tuesday morning, I hooked up with Jeremy for the first time in about seven years. We easily reconnected (and of course, we had been communicating by phone and email for several months prior to my arrival). We headed out for a coffee at the local drag, Bongo Java, East. We talked music and philosophy and gospel. Recording went well, and we spent the majority of the day working on "You Coulda Been".

After the session, as I loaded up my car to head back to my hotel room, I noticed a curious, little nail in the side-wall of my rear, driver's side tire. I pulled it. Hissssssssss.... Jeremy had a patch kit, so we tried to patch it. Making a long story short, the tire blew on Wednesday night. Thursday I drove on the spare. Friday I purchased a new tire for the 500 mile drive home.

Sovereign chaos.

Flash forward. Today: I just finished eating a Klondike bar for lunch (yeah, not the healthy way to go). I'm convinced that every year these major snack food corporations shave a few millimeters off of their products each year - hoping both that consumers won't notice it, and that even if they do, they'll buy the company's rationale: "Oh, it's healthier for the consumer to eat smaller portions of junk food..."

I'm working on booking shows for a fall tour. Colleges, mainly. If you know anyone who books at your college, please put me in contact with him or her.

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