Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ten Reasons Why Comcast is Not For You

About three weeks ago, I called Comcast to get my cable internet rate lowered. Why did I call in the first place? Because my bill said that i would be charged $60 for my next month's service! Just for internet service! Yeah, I know, there's a price to pay with technology and all of that, but that's ridiculous!

Basically, I said, "Lower my bill or I'm cancelling service, because I have never been charged that much before." Their response was, "We have this great promotion going on right now: $10 off for 3 months." Ten dollars? Three months? Who do they think they are?!? They don't even have to service the line. All they have to do is keep the pipeline open! They call $50 a month a deal, when their company doesn't have to do anything?!? Yeah right. I cancelled service.

And if that's not enough, when I said "Cancel my service," the woman from Comcast said, "When do you want to stop service?". NOW! Well, for whatever reason, they stopped billing me from that day on, but couldn't terminate service until two weeks later... Again, ridiculous. If they can monitor my computer's internet activity from their service offices, they should be able to stop it from there, too. (Maybe I just don't know how the technology works.)
So here's the deal: it seems to me that Comcast has a monopoly on cable internet service in DuPage County. I searched for other providers and came up empty. What can you do? Don't know.

I'm now sitting at the public library, typing on a borrowed laptop from my sister. And, doing a little research, I found out that 1) the library has free Wi-Fi that broadcasts 24-7, and 2) I can set up a monthly payment plan for a Macbook that's less than $60 a month! I should have cancelled service months ago!

By the way, I don't have ten reasons...

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