Monday, November 17, 2008

The Challenge

I think we all have had someone whom we highly respect challenge us to do something. For me, I often come back to a single challenge that was made to me when I was a freshman in college. I was asked, "Are you a songwriter?" I answered, "Yes, of course." My professor replied, "Do you write every day?" I responded, "No." He looked at me funny, paused, and finally made a statement similar to this one:

"If you're a songwriter, you should be writing music every day - no exceptions. If you're a songwriter, making music would be as important to you as breath, as food, as life. You would *have* to do it, just like you *have* to breathe."

I thought about what he said for a minute, and I responded with less clarity than I now state:

"I *am* a songwriter, and I *should* write more than I do. It's difficult to write a song, and it's more difficult to write *every* day. And just because something is difficult for you to do doesn't mean that you're not meant to do it. In fact, I'd say that anybody who is any good at anything works hard to get that way."

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