Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Some of you know that I have a little problem called tendinitis. I've been told that I have both "golfer's elbow" and "tennis elbow", which is to say, the tendons on the top and bottom sides of my upper forearm are wacked. I've been given two solutions, by two different sports medicine people:

1) "Build fortresses on your arms." Meaning: lift weights and build strong shoulder muscles, because the rest of the arms depend on strong shoulders. The other problems will soon go away.

2) "You need to constantly massage your arms." Meaning: hire an Asian woman with some strong hands.

Well, I say all this to say that I probably shouldn't be typing any more today. My tendinitis is flaring up. I'll probably try and rub them out tonight, and probably pop some pills, too, to try and pull the swelling down. Toodles.

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