Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thoughts on Who I Am

I thought I'd share with you a message that I sent to one of my newest YouTube subscribers. She was asking me about my background in music, how I got started, and how I got in to music. I think my message came off as a little angry, though that wasn't the case at all. I just wanted to clearly convey that - at least for me - a none-music "job" was never an option:

No! Of course I didn't just decide to "go in to music"!!! I feel in my bones that I was created to write. I can't help but do it, because it's a part of the fabric of who I was made to be. Some people think it's weird when I talk about it like this, but I feel that writing songs is as necessary to me as breath itself.

I've been writing music since I was a little kid, and I've been given opportunities to hone that gift. The end goal? Full-time music - recording, performing, and writing. How close am I? Probably not very, but I'm chasing the dream none-the-less.

I'm putting all of my eggs in to one basket, and everybody I know knows it, too. I have a new record coming out (hopefully soon) with my band, called The City (

So thanks for listening! You're a part of turning my dream in to substance.


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