Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Notebook, 2012, and a Goal

Let me start off by saying that I've totally blown a few of my new year resolutions. One of those was to write - music or lyrics - every day. Hasn't happened. I've just lost the routine and now I am on a quest to find it again... Here, routinie, routinie, routinie... come here, boy. Wheredja go?....

Next, during the blizzard of 2011, Megan and I watched the movie 2012. Awful. I like Mr. Cusack, but this was bad. Two hours I can't get back.

Finally, in addition to trying to get back on the horse called Resolution, I have a crazy goal of having one article printed in a newspaper, ezine, or other medium every-other week for the next 12 weeks. So far, so good. Here's what we've had so far:

10 Jan 2011 - Chicago Sun-Times
18 Jan 2011 - Daily Herald
28 Jan 2011 - COD Courier

And next week (Wednesday), I'll have a pretty big spread in the Lombardian.

After that, I'm not sure where the next coverage will come from, but I'm optimistic that I can keep this streak going!

Talk to you soon, and look for me in your local paper!


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