Thursday, September 25, 2008

Always Recovering, Never Recovered

After a week on the road, and a week home, "recovering", (sorry for the delay in posts. I've been seriously crazy busy with working through details for an upcoming show and a trip to California - where I now am) I've discovered something:

The life of a touring songwriter is one of continuous recovery, yet without ever fully recovering. The word "recovery" brings with it this idea of "getting back to full strength" or even "settling in to regular, normal life again." Both of these ideas are two which can be creativity and motivation killers.

If you're comfortable (a state to which humans tend to gravitate towards), you're disinterested in change. If you're disinterested in change, you will never dream. And one can't pursue dreams that don't exist.

Many of you know that I'm a dreamer. But I can tell you that my dreams have never felt as alive as they have these past two weeks. It's a feeling I never again want to lose, and I hope it sets the trajectory for my life for many years to come. I never want to be comfortable. I never want to settle. I never want to recover.

Let me strive. Let me press on. Let me be thankful for being given these opportunities - experiences and successes I don't deserve. Let me be alive. Let me try and fail, and try again. Let me continue to learn how to love. Let me long for better days, but let me enjoy these moments today.

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