Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a Back Ache...

So, honestly, I have never, ever before in my life had a back ache. Today, I type in pain. It's not horrible, but it's bad. What's it from? you ask. Well, just over a week ago, I switched to new, hybrid tires on my mountain bike. The sleeker tires are faster, thinner, and take a higher PSI, but I *think* it's taking a toll on my body - my back being the first, visible effect of the new tires.

Why do I care, and why should you? Well, from September 11th through the 15th, I have shows every night, and I would sure like to hope that I'll be healthy for those - able to jump around, have some fun on stage, etc.

But I don't know the plans for my life - the specifics, that is. I know all of the "plans to prosper you...", " meant it for good", "all things work together for the good..." lines. But I'm talking about the *hows*. And here's what I've concluded at the end of this night:

However I think it's going to happen is not how it will.

I've heard it said that God's ways are "counter-intuitive", and I believe that. I never would have thought that I could schedule three shows of a mini-tour less than two weeks before I hit the road, but I'm confident that it is the least likely way for it to happen, which *should* mean, actually, that it's the most likely.

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