Thursday, March 11, 2010

All Good [?] Things Come to an End

Has anyone else received this notice from Blogger?

If you haven't figured it out yet, I use Blogger to update the home page of my website, here: Or should I say "I used to"?

In just a few, short weeks, Google will be discontinuing Blogger's external site publishing feature. Why? Well, it probably has to do with control - controlling content, monitoring content, data-mining that content, and the like.

Am I okay with this change? Heck no. Why am I not okay with this change? Because I'm not a web designer - I'm a songwriter. And now, I have to waste more of my time screwing around with updating code, transferring data to another system, and playing "web designer", which I am not.

Just when I was beginning to get comfortable with the Blogger interface for external publishing via FTP, they take it away... This sucks. But at least Google is giving everybody six weeks notice. That's mighty noble of them, don't you think?

So here's the deal: if anyone would be willing to set up a *new* way to post on to my site - for *FREE* - please send me an email. Please log in to Blogger/Gmail and send me a secure message through Blogger. Or, you can use this address: email {at} jaymathes {dot} com.

Also, I'd be willing to barter with someone (IE: trade services), although I'm fairly limited to writing, performing, and recording music, etc. Oh yeah, I also cook, love coffee, and rock climb, if those things give you any ideas about what services we can swap...

I just had another SQL database set up, if someone is able to transfer my design into, get this functionality through, Wordpress. Or if someone is familiar with, that might work, too.

Just let me know. Thanks, everyone!

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