Monday, March 1, 2010

Coffee Overload

I used to drink coffee a lot more than I have been over the past couple of years. But this week, I've had more coffee than I've had in a long time in a seven-day period. Except for Saturday and Sunday, I'm pretty sure that I've made a half-pot every day. Starbucks French Roast. (I still can't bring myself to buying the cheap stuff.) And on top of that, I've gone to Starbucks for the past three days in a row. With my plans tomorrow, it will be four.

Like every good American, I often use coffee to help me wake up in the morning. Just out of college, I used the highly-potent combination of a shower and five cups of coffee before beginning music business work for the day. It could have been because of the coffee, or, more likely, because of my age that I was able to stay out until 1 AM and turn around for a full day of concert booking, promotion, and practicing, beginning at 6 AM. Yes, 6 AM. Voluntarily.

Now, before you go nailing me to a cross for keeping Starbucks in business, let me just say a couple of things here:

1. I'm not so much supporting 'Bucks as I am supporting community-building. I don't just go to 'Bucks because I want a drink. I go there because coffeehouses have become America's "second place" of choice. It's a get-away place that isn't home, where you can meet with friends, hang out, and spend a relatively small amount of money.

2. Starbucks, as far as I know, is doing more by way of fair trade, recycling, eco-friendly, other community sensitivities, etc. than Dunkin' Donuts. Besides, the coffee is way better; and, if you ask me, the coffee just plain tastes better at 'Bucks. But that's just me.

Do you have any crazy coffee stories? I'd like to hear them.

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  1. nothing too crazy. went into a biochem exam last year after no sleep and an entire day sipping on sidamo blend. i literally couldn't write because my hand was shaking too violently. instead, i spent the first half of the exam drawing the large diagrams and pictures i needed.

    drink on, brother.