Friday, August 15, 2008

Screen Printing is the Future

Just this afternoon, I finished reading a book that I bought last week on Screen Printing. Basically, I've decided to start screen printing my own T-shirts and, maybe, a few other things, if I can manage it. It's an investment of a couple hundred dollars, but after I print two different T-shirts using my supplies, it would have cost the same amount (or more) to buy the shirts from another company. Plus, I hear it's really fun to do.

So anyway, the book I bought was written by some folks over at Print Liberation. They sound like some really cool people, and they wrote a great book. Oh, by the way, it's called "Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer". So, not that I need to diversify any more or anything, but I've decided that having this sort of "equipment" might be beneficial in the future anyhow: I can print shirts or other paper art for fun, and maybe even help out friends by printing stuff for them.

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