Thursday, August 28, 2008

Labor Day is NOT a Win for Organized Labor

Have you recently asked yourself how much average Joe American works in a given week? What about you? My guess is that you're pretty average, too. And that means you're being overworked. Maybe you actually like the challenge of work, maybe you like your job more than your family, maybe you need the money, or maybe you just want the money. But the answer is still the same - for right intentions or wrong - you work too much.

And so do I.

It's only 10:20 PM, but to me it feels like it's midnight. Today, I road my bike to work, put in five hours, road home, immediately turned on my computer and started doing some graphic design stuff that I wanted finish today (and didn't), then I went to Office Max, to have transparencies printed for screen printing, and now back at home, I'm writing to all of you.

Two more comments (okay, three):

1. Yes, I did eat dinner, so I had to break there. I also cooked part of dinner tonight. I also watched part of the Cubs game. Ramirez hit a grand slam in the seventh to take the lead against the Phillies - 6 to 4! (Again, this wasn't work.)

2. Yes, I love sharing life with you, so this isn't completely work either. There is some self-satisfaction in it. But shouldn't some of our work be fun, too?

3. Okay, so this might not describe your life. But dang, this is really hard for me. This music thing is hard work! I wish I could just sit on the couch, or at the theater, or at the beach (no beaches in Chicago, really), but I can't.

So this Labor Day, I'll be doing what I always seem to be doing: working on my music. Monday is screen printing day. Wish me luck! It's my first soiree with "ink pulling"...

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