Saturday, August 23, 2008

You Always Want What You Can Not Have

I woke up this morning, wanting more sleep. I couldn't have it. I rode my bike to my part-time job, wanting a car. I couldn't have it. I want a million dollars, and... (well, most people have to work for that.)

Here's what this all comes down to: humans are wired with a craving. It's not so much a craving for *things*, but for *satisfaction*. As I am sitting here, teasing this out, I have time and time again observed people trying to satisfy with material possessions what some people call the "God-shaped vacuum" inside of each one of us.

Right now, I feel like I'm in a really, really dangerous place in life. Let me explain: I love music. I am so passionate about writing and performing - and listening to others play. I am single-mindedly pursuing to achieve notoriety with my music and to play for a living to hundreds of fans all across the world. And I am misguided if I think that these things will satisfy my deepest longings and desires.

This is the danger: to pursue with deepest passion those things which are of lesser importance. There is no such thing as "rock 'n' roll immortality." Every image fades. Even with better technology, what we capture on HD today will only be a small essence of the true rockstar in fifty years.

So this is an admonition and a call to action: a life of value is spent pursuing valuable things - not fleeting things. "The grass withers and the flower fades..."

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